This article starts a new series about small (but I hope useful) tips
that can help you during your development phase.

Today I will talk about how you can create a flyout control.

A flyout control is a popup control you can make appear when you click
on a button.


I used this control for WorldMonger (a game I currently working on):

2018正版葡京赌侠诗 1

The code to create this control is as follows:


//UserControl  是popup 里面包车型地铁资控件 ,

//FrameworkElement  是popup 的地方

public static Popup ShowPopup(FrameworkElement source, UserControl control)
    Popup flyout = new Popup();

    var windowBounds = Window.Current.Bounds;
    var rootVisual = Window.Current.Content;

    GeneralTransform gt = source.TransformToVisual(rootVisual);//获得source 相对 rootvisual 的位置

    var absolutePosition = gt.TransformPoint(new Point(0, 0));

    control.Measure(new Size(Double.PositiveInfinity, double.PositiveInfinity));

    flyout.VerticalOffset = absolutePosition.Y  - control.Height - 10;
    flyout.HorizontalOffset = (absolutePosition.X + source.ActualWidth / 2) - control.Width / 2;
    flyout.IsLightDismissEnabled = true;

    flyout.Child = control;
    var transitions = new TransitionCollection();
    transitions.Add(new PopupThemeTransition() { FromHorizontalOffset = 0, FromVerticalOffset = 100 });
    flyout.ChildTransitions = transitions;
    flyout.IsOpen = true;

    return flyout;

This helper method just takes a source FrameworkElement (to detect
where the flyout must pop up) and a UserControlcontrol to display.

Please note the usage of the PopupThemeTransition to obtain and fluid
and cool animation 2018正版葡京赌侠诗 2



   1: GeneralTransform gt = yourUIElment/*控件*/.TransformToVisual(Application.Current.RootVisual as UIElement);

   2: Point offset = gt.Transform(new Point(0, 0));

   3: double controlTop = offset.Y;

   4: double controlLeft = offset.X;



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